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Finding Left Behind Oil & Gas

South Plains Petroleum, Inc. is an oil and gas “production” company which utilizes modern technology to re-evaluate data from old and abandoned wells thereby taking advantage of previous operators’ exploration efforts to find new and/or remaining reserves.  Our philosophy dramatically reduces risks and investments thus increasing potential profits.  We are in the process of revitalizing substantial assets from 2 successful oil and gas companies located in West Central Texas and Louisiana.

South Plains Petroleum’s  approach to risk management has attracted a team of successful oil and gas professionals, who together have over 100 years of oilfield experience between them.  Their experience stretches from working on drilling rigs and workover rigs to owning same, from working the supply/service side of the business to owning the wells, from investing and funding oil projects to overseeing the operations and completions.  And yes, they too know the feelings of despair brought on by funding and drilling a dry hole as well as the ecstasy of finding a true Gusher!

South Plains Petroleum, Inc. is a new kind of oil company for today’s opportunities.  Our management has created a stringent set of parameters each potential project must pass before it is acquired.  This approach, while a bit time consuming at times, reduces the actual losses in the field and increases our chances of making profits.  And not to worry, with hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells drilled over the past century, there is no shortage of opportunities for review.  The Easy oil has been found.  What remains requires a harder look to see the oil and gas that is not trumpeting its existence in the data.


Wells To Develop

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Conventional Oil & Gas Properties

Over the past 25 years, the energy industry has changed dramatically utilizing the newest technologies to not only find new reserves, but to unlock oil and gas from tight reservoirs previously determined as unattainable.  These advancements were driven in part by high energy prices and while many were quick to jump on the bandwagon few could foresee the sharp declines which resulted in limited returns.  South Plains Petroleum, Inc. concentrates on conventional reservoirs and conventional wells to create a foundation of solid oil and gas production with much slower rates of decline and thereby production rates which translate into a predictable cash flow to base future growth.

Rather than gamble money on risky exploration, we identify reserves located in older oil and gas deposits for redevelopment.  There is a saying, “The best place to find oil is where oil has already been found.”  There is a lot of truth to this statement as oil migrates through the earth until it is trapped.  A trap is generally a higher structure and where you have one structure high, you generally have several deeper structures which are also high and have trapped oil and or gas.  In the early years of oil exploration, they stopped drilling when the well blew in or “Gushed” never to test anything deeper.  In later years, with new techniques, drillers went deeper to find more oil in the old fields.  And it wasn’t until the 1960’s that newer well logs were created to begin “seeing” what was truly in the well.  By then, many of the bigger oilfields in the United States had been found.  South Plains Petroleum reviews these “old” oilfields and well data for those remaining gems which have not broadcast their existence.


Using today’s Knowledge and Technology to reprocess old well data we Rediscover Reserves left behind.


Analyzing Production data for any unexplained drops or increases in oil or gas production raises questions.


Scanning and reprocessing old electric logs & mud logs for unsuccessful drill stem tests, drilling breaks, shows in samples, gas kicks and other items gives insight into what may or may not be present.


Sometimes it is as simple as just comparing one well that did not produce to one that did to find a golden nugget.


Something as simple as putting a bigger pump on a well to move more fluid sometimes is the only difference in a good well and a noncommercial well.



Our Team’s experience ranges from the beginnings of research and leasing, through the process of completing  the well and finally to the end result of selling the production.  In addition to our knowledge in the oilfield, the South Plains Petroleum Team general business, marketing and negotiating skills set a firm foundation for the Company’s success.



There are few businesses in which the opportunity realistically exists to grow from an acorn to a mighty oak tree inside 5 years.  However, the oil industry is one of those.  And while there are many oil and gas companies in which you could invest, there are few whose projects, business philosophies, management and results will equal or surpass South Plains Petroleum, Inc.  Our Team has the experience.  Experience is not something taught in school, but has to be learned at great expense.  Don’t risk your investment with inexperienced management.

South Plains Petroleum, Inc. is an oil and natural gas production and development company that exploits data and exploration undertaken by others in the past.  We capitalize on inexperience and inattention to details.

  • South Plains Petroleum, Inc. is in the process of combining assets from 2 successful oil and gas companies whose synergies toward risk led them to pool their assets and efforts.
  • Our current wells will provide consistent sources of revenue that will be used first to maintain them and then for expansion.
  • South Plains Petroleum, Inc. maintains a team of oil and gas professionals with a lifetime of experience advising and managing its business and wells.
  • South Plains Petroleum, Inc. implemented shareholder friendly bylaws requiring dividends be paid from gross receipts once oil and gas prices reach a certain plateau.
  • We believe investors would be hard pressed to find a business model in the oil and gas industry which adheres to less risk than ours.
  • Our size and nimbleness allow us to find those hidden gems and quickly act.


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